Internet Of Things

Our planet has more connected devices than people. The IoT will transform the way in businesses, governments, and humans interact with the rest of the connected world.

The IoT brings the power of the internet, data processing and analytics to the real world of physical objects.

It consists of several technological layers which all play a role in the route from simply connecting ‘things’ and IoT devices to building applications that serve a clear goal, whether it’s for consumer applications or industry-grade IoT projects.

Our Work Involves In

Business Analysis

Business Analysts who expand their knowledge and experience in how IoT impacts customer experience, buying journeys and business models they can stand out from the others and drive their careers towards the future. Those skills will help us to engage in thorough technical discussions and analysis with SMEs, Programmers & Engineers, which will help to improve the efficiency of business operations.

Analytical Report

Now that we have done the preliminary research, and taken a look at the competition out there, its time to list out the basic features we want to include in our app. In order to keep track of the most important features(like: location, time, weather, temperature, etc.). we must first make a priorities list of each feature. Quickly bring your own IoT analytics product to market to offer customers premium dashboards and reporting functionality.

Solution Architecture

Various reference architectures have been provided for the IoT. In general, IoT architecture is represented as a layered architecture. In this case, a “layer” simply represents a grouping of modules that offers a cohesive set of services.

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance not only helps to decrease costs, increase profitability but also impacts productivity. With the rise in Internet of Things (IoT) installed base expected to grow to 26 billion units by 2020, the IoT development.

Solution evolution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is generally thought of as connecting things to the Internet and using that connection to provide some kind of useful remote monitoring or control of those things.

IOT Protocols We Expertise In

Components of IOT Ecosystem

Sensors / Devices
Data Processing
User Interface

IOT Cloud Platforms

Microsoft Azure
Amazon AWS
Google Cloud Platform

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