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Augmented Reality Services

Kevellcorp collectively services with augmented reality (AR) is an associate degree augmented version of the necessary physical world that is achieved through the employment of digital visual arts, sound, or completely different sensory stimuli via technology.

Augmented reality is an interactive or Connected action of a real- world environment. AR is the amount of useful information among the sort of text, graphics, audio, and completely different virtual enhancements integrated with real-world objects.

Discover Solution With Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality Technology is that advanced technology that refers to deploying the virtual image reflection over real-world objects. AR apps for iPhone & Android, overlay the image and execute in parallel with the input received from the camera/sensible or smart glasses. This reflection background creates an associate illusion, that effectively engages the users in an exceedingly virtual world.

Augmented reality company

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Are you trying to find the most effective technology firms companies for creating attractive augmented reality applications for your business? Kevell Corp is the right choice and it is the leading Development company that aims to offer attractive Augmented Reality solutions for different industries.

Marker - Based AR

Marker-based AR technology that works on image recognition feature to identify visual markers on physical objects in front of the camera position it according to a real-world frame and provides useful information on the screen.

Augmented reality company