A movement has begun to take shape. It’s a movement of people who think it’s time for change in the IT industry – time to stop wasting money, time to start delivering great software and building systems that scale and last. This movement is being called Devops. But what is Devops? Where did it come from? And what can it achieve?

Our DevOps Service can automate anything and everything in the infrastructure with the outfit experiences to ensure the applications high availability with rock solid performance without hanging with any compatibility issues.


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Technologies we are working with

Ansible, Puppet, Chef


Vagrant Docker


Mesosphere, Kubernetes, Swarm, Ranger

Grafana with opentsdb,Integrating graphite, kairosdb Automation. Gathering metrics, Monitor plugin, Integrating the data with application by scripting in Python, Bash, Perl

AWS,Rackspace, Azure, Digital Ocean, Eucalyptus, Openstack

Mysql, Maria-DB, Percona cluster,postgresql

Mongo-DB, Redis, AWS Dynamo.

Jenkins, Codeship, Bamboo

Splunk, Gray log – HA, logstash, Cloud watch

By in -depth experience creating the graphs by system

Git, svn

Meet our DevOps team

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"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, “I’m possible!"